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Azam Movie Review | This film presents the shocking story of the underworld with the strong performance of Jimmy Shergill.

(Photo: File photo)

(Photo: File photo)

Popular Hindi cinema actor Jimmy Shergill starrer ‘Azam’ is launching today in public. You must read the review of this movie before watching the story related to the famous underworld of Mumbai.

The movie: Azam

cast: Jimmy Shergill, Indranil Sengupta, Abhimanyu Singh

director: Shravan Tiwari

manufacturer: TB Patel

runtime: 120 minutes

Rating: 3 stars

History: The story of the film shows how every gangster gets involved in the fight to inherit the legacy of Mumbai don Nawab Khan (Raza Murad) and meanwhile fraud and forgery are seen among them. The film begins with don Nawab Khan’s son Kader Khan (Abhimanyu Singh) being told by his partner Javed (Zimmy Shergill) that he will no longer inherit the don as some powerful people in the underworld want to oust him and take over as they like. Javed manages to prove that he can make Kader the new don of Mumbai by eliminating all enemies from his plan tonight. There is rebellion, malice and a lot of chaos in this story, but in the end, who takes the power of the don? To know this you need to watch this movie.

Performance: Jimmy Shergill impresses a lot with his acting in the character of Javed. Jimmy, who has been active in Hindi cinema for a long time, has certainly delighted us with his performance here as well. Abhimanyu Singh was impressive as Kader Khan, while actor Indranil Sengupta was seen in his versatile avatar as DDCP Ajay Joshi. Along with this experienced actors like Anant Nag, Raza Murad, Govind Namdev, Sayaji Rao Shinde, Alok Pandey have given life to the film.

Final take: The story of this film shows another side of Mumbai’s underworld. Writer-director Shravan Tiwari has written the story in a very intelligent manner, due to which a lot of suspense is seen in it. The movie keeps us enthralled and the script keeps us hooked to watch it till the end. A tight story and screenplay, excellent acting and the director’s thriller treatment make AZAM a must watch film. Also, if you like suspense thriller movies, then this movie is special for you.



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