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Benefits of Gond Katira | ‘Gond Katira’ is a help to save from heat stroke in scorching heat, it is also very useful for women, know its amazing benefits

'Gond Katira' is a help to save from heat stroke in scorching heat, it is also very useful for women, know its amazing benefits

Seema Kumari

New Delhi: Gond Katira, about which very little may be known, but it is a very useful thing in summer. The summer season and the increase in temperature day by day is very worrying. As the heat rises, the body and mind seek only relief or peace. In such a situation, you should be vigilant about your health.

Gond Katira is rich in calcium, magnesium, folic acid and protein, which help in cooling the body during hot summer days. In fact, its effect is cool, which helps a lot in preventing heatstroke, sunstroke in summer. Tell us the benefits of gond katira in summer.

According to health experts, gond katira increases the body’s energy. Its use removes lethargy, fatigue and weakness during summer. Whenever you feel tired or weak, mix a spoonful of wet gond katira, a little rose syrup, sugar and milk in a glass. After drinking this, your body will get instant energy.

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For people who do not have open stools, Gond Katira is nothing short of a remedy because it can control bowel movements. Constipation sufferers should consume gond katira daily as it will give them a lot of relief. You can also consume gond katira by mixing it with lemon juice or cold water.

Anemia due to irregular periods is common in women. In addition, women lose a lot of weight even after giving birth. Gond Katira helps in strengthening the body and regulating blood circulation during menstruation. So consume it.

The risk of heatstroke is higher in summer. Nowadays it is not possible to leave the house, but those who still live outside the house due to work may face this problem. To reduce the effect of heat on the body, you can eat gond katira, which helps to remove body heat.

Gond Katira is the best home remedy for blisters in the mouth due to heat. Its cooling properties provide relief from the swelling and pain of blisters. Applying gond katira paste on ulcers for a few minutes provides great relief in pain and swelling.



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