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Mumbai murder case: After murder of live-in partner in Mumbai, dead body was cut into pieces and then boiled in a pot… – Bihar Latest News| Bihar Current News

The sensational murder that happened in Mumbai’s Mira Road area is being discussed everywhere. A 56-year-old man brutally killed his 32-year-old partner Saraswati. What happened to the dead body afterwards was heartbreaking. This barbaric man cut the dead body into several pieces and then boiled them in a pressure cooker. After that, the pieces of the dead body were torn into a mixer and stuffed into a bag. This gruesome murder brought back memories of Shraddha’s murder case. in Delhi, like Shraddha, Saraswati also lived in a flat.

Let us tell you that there are many things in common between Shraddha’s murder case in Delhi and Saraswati’s murder case in Mumbai. Both the accused, Aftab Poonawalla and Manoj, had promised to marry their partners but were living at home. The couple lived in a rented house, and the method of disposing of the dead body after the murder was the same, in both cases they attempted to dismember the body and dispose of it.

In the Mumbai murder case, police say that on Wednesday evening, residents of the Geeta-Akashdeep Society complained of a foul smell coming from a flat. When the police team reached the spot, they found a dismembered body of a woman from the flat. DCP Jayant Bajbale told reporters, “Manoj Sane and Saraswati Vaidya lived in a live-in relationship for the last three years. Now investigation has revealed that Manoj killed Saraswati Vaidya and then cut her into pieces to dispose of the body. Currently the station the police arrested the accused.



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