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Reward | The doctor demanded compensation of 40 million allek

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Nagpur. Calling the doctor, the unknown accused demanded the one-time protection money of Rs 40 million. Severe consequences are threatened if the ransom is not paid. The police have registered a case on the complaint of the resident of Ramdaspeth, Dr. Sunil Motiramji Lanjevar (65). Dr. Sunil has Dadasaheb Lanjewar Hospital in Shriman Complex located at Janta Chowk. His wife Chhaya Sunil Lanjevar (64) is also a doctor.

According to information, Dr. Sunil received a call on WhatsApp around 4:30 PM. The accused told Dr. ‘If you want to run the hospital, you will have to pay the one-time protection money of 40 lakh. He told the police or be smarter, the consequences would be bad,” saying this, he hung up the phone. Sunil informed the police. After the case was registered, the investigation started.

CP provided security

Dr. Sunil informed Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar about the extortion of Rs 40 lakh and the death threats over the phone. Realizing the seriousness of the matter, the CP has deployed police forces at Lanjewari’s house and hospital.



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