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The girlfriend had broken contact, then the boyfriend…

The family members are accused of forcing him to commit suicide
He expressed anger over the request for the arrest of the accused
Bangaon : Parthiv Mitra (21), a resident of Sahapada under Bangaon police station, committed suicide by hanging himself in his room on Tuesday. There was noise in the area regarding this event. Along with the family members of the deceased, the residents of the area expressed their anger, saying that Parthiv’s girlfriend was responsible for his death. At the same time, he surrounded the police who arrived there to take action and demanded the immediate arrest of the accused girlfriend. People claimed that Parthiv was in love with a girl from the same area, but for the past few months she had suddenly started ignoring him. A few days ago he broke off contact with Parthiv. Mentally broken ever since. He was trying hard to fix the relationship. The relatives of the deceased filed a complaint with the police against his girlfriend, alleging that she forced him to commit suicide. With the accepted complaint, the police sent the accused girl to the police station and started interrogating her.



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