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The new parliament The new property of the country’s Assembly, will attend the inauguration: Former Prime Minister Deve Gowda

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Bangalore. Janata Dal (Secular) supremo and former prime minister HD Deve Gowda on Thursday said he would attend the inauguration of the new Parliament building in New Delhi on May 28. He said it is the property of the country and was built with taxpayers’ money. The JD(S) advocate asked if it was the BJP and RSS office whose inauguration would be boycotted? Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate this building on Sunday. Gowda said, “I am attending the inauguration of the new Parliament building. This is the property of the country. It is no one’s personal matter.”

Addressing an introspection meeting of the JD(S) here after the Karnataka assembly election results, he said it was not anybody’s personal programme, it was the country’s programme. He said: “That magnificent building was built with the tax money of the people of the country. It has to do with the country. This is not the office of BJP or RSS.”

The former prime minister said that he is participating in the inauguration of the new building of the Assembly as a former prime minister and a citizen of the country. So far 21 opposition parties have said they will not participate in the opening ceremony. These parties are opposing the inauguration of the new house of Parliament by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in place of President Draupadi Murmu.

According to an official release, Deve Gowda said he had several reasons to oppose the BJP politically, “I do not want to bring politics into the opening of the Parliament chamber.” He said: “I was elected in both houses of Parliament. I have performed my duty there within the constitutional framework and I am still a member (of the Rajya Sabha).

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He said: “I worked to protect the values ​​of the Constitution. Therefore, I cannot bring politics to the issue of the Constitution”. Gowda said, “…I am committed to the Constitution and will attend the inauguration of the new Parliament building.” (agency)



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